Pediatric Orthopedics

What is Pediatric Orthopedics?

Since its origins, orthopaedists have treated children suffering from spine and limb deformities. In addition, modern pediatric orthopaedists offer specialized care for young athletes who are injured during practice or in the game. We recognize that caring for children takes an extra level of compassion to put them at ease when they are hurt. 

Conditions Treated

Children heal much faster than adults when they are hurt, so taking care of youngsters requires a slightly different approach. The most common reasons to take your child to an orthopedic doctor are:

  • Bone-related birth defects (clubfoot, scoliosis, limb length differences)
  • Gait abnormalities (limping)
  • Broken bones (fractures)
  • Bone or joint infections
  • Growth plate injuries

Common sports injuries that can affect children include ankle sprains, shin splints, knee injuries, shoulder pain, and others.

Treatment – Surgical and Non-Surgical

Because of how rapidly children’s bones can heal after an injury, a non-surgical approach usually works best. We can use braces, splints, and physical therapy to treat deformities and disabilities while monitoring their growth. If surgery does become a necessity, you can rely on North Country Orthopedic Group for minimally invasive methods.

Your child will be in good hands under the care of our orthopedic physicians, which includes a multi-specialty team of rehabilitation specialists, physical therapists, and surgeons.

For more information and to schedule a visit to our Watertown, NY orthopaedic office, please call (315) 782-1650.

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